Send messages to a group of friends or chat one-on-one.

Watch, record, and send bespoke messages inside each of your Circles. With Stickytape, you’ll never accidentally send baking tips to your footy crew.


Turn all the moments into stories you can share.

Friendships are built on memories. Choose the favourite moments you and your friends have sent to your Circle and create a Story you all can relive.

Stickytape stands for authenticity and fostering the genuine connections that only can come from those we care about most.

True relationships are built on unspoken nuances that slowly build after months, years, or simply moments of context. In an era of digitally-induced alienation, we seek to bring back the feeling of togetherness and understanding that is only found in the eyes of those we know and love. 

Social media has rendered communication down to emojis and shared posts. We all feel the cost of this virtual bandaid to loneliness. We count the hours we spend on our phones scrolling through endless pages of nothing, and we feel all the moments we lose as we stare at screens sitting across from those we came to see. 

The social media giants are the cigarette companies of today. They prescribe anxiety and fear as the antidote to alienation while they profit from FOMO. We hear the ding of a notification and fool ourselves into believing we’re included as we peer through the window into a house of falsehoods, contrived photos, and fish-hooked smiles. 

The only cure to what ails us is unplugging from current paradigms and looking to how we can stick together no matter whether we are laughing, or crying. 

Stickytape is the coffee shop that is always open. Where we can sit down, share our stories, and have a genuine face-to-face chat no matter how close or far away we are from each other. 

Your face is way funnier than any emoji. Share it with the people you love.

Locked up. Key thrown.

Your messages are locked behind end-to-end encryption.
No bail. No parole. They got life.

Friendship is a conspiracy against what others deem normal

Tom from Stickytape

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